The Reservoir United Methodist Church will be selling pumpkins in all shapes and sizes from Saturday, September 24th thru Saturday, October 31st. Pumpkins are priced by size from $.74 – $35.  While supplies last we will have munchkins, spookies, weebies, and gourds which are great for classroom activities.  All pumpkins are non-GMO products!

Pumpkin Patch
NEW HOURS thru 10/31/2016

Monday thru Friday                    12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
 Saturday  & Sunday                   10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Our pumpkins started life about 100 days ago on a farm on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Farmington, NM.   Great care has been taken in the planting, growing and harvest to ensure that you have purchased a quality pumpkin with a long shelf life.   Nearly 100% of the farm workforce is Native American.  We believe it is very important to use domestic labor as the unemployment rate in this region is over 40%.  This project and others like it create roughly 25 full-time jobs and 550 seasonal jobs for Native Americans.  Your pumpkin is a non-GMO product.  After ripening, this pumpkin was hand loaded on a truck and traveled all the way to the pumpkin patch of the Reservoir United Methodist Church to help raise money for the ministries of the church  such as mission and outreach work, Sunday school, building maintenance, music and worship,  to name a few.  This pumpkin has helped a lot of folks on his way to you…treat him/her nice!
Thank you for your support!